GIGA PETS-Digital Doggie ("Exclusive-Special Gold Edition") 1997
[Digital Dogg]

GIGA PETS-Digital Doggie (\"Exclusive-Special Gold Edition\") 1997
GIGA PETS -Digital Doggie -("Exclusive-Special Gold Edition") 1997... >>>>"TOYS-R-US EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL GOLD EDITION"<<<< *History of Giga Pets Virtual Pets: Giga Pets, built by Tiger Electronics, were one of the first pets to be offered in the United States that were a "series" composed of several different pets in the same product line. *Compu Kitty, *Digital Doggie, *Micro Chimp, *Baby T-Rex and *Virtual Alien were the Initial Giga Pets.: ** Virtual Alien and **Baby T-Rex were among the first U.S. virtual pets to be specifically "designed for boys" and were very successful.: *Digital Doggie "Gold"*: Is a 4 button pet (Left, Mode, Enter, Right), with a nice large display that has easily viewed icons for the functions. The controls and instructions make it an "easy to run" pet. Some pets seem confusing to the new user, it is hard to figure out "what does what", *But Digital Doggie is very straight forward and easy to understand.: *A reset button is provided on the back of the pet. *The "mode" button toggles you between the normal game mode and the clock mode.: *The sound, "bell tone", appears as a "bell" symbol when in the clock mode.: *The sound can be turned off and on by using the left and right buttons while in the "clock mode". Tiger Electronics: 1997.. UPC #50626-00489: Model #71-611.. *(Ages 5 & Up)*: Requires (2) LR44 / G13-A Batteries..>>>INCLUDED<<<
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