BLAZE - (12" Agent Blaze CY-GIRLS) Collectible Figure (2000)

BLAZE - (12\" Agent Blaze CY-GIRLS) Collectible Figure (2000)
BLAZE - (12" Agent Blaze CY-GIRLS) Collectible Figure (2000) *NRFB*...CONDITION: MINT... **NOTE: Factory Retired - Limited - No Longer Available From Factory** DESCRIPTION: "AGENT BLAZE"...WEAPONS EXPERT *ID No. 5582-9997-5656... *Blaze is hot and fiery as her name implies! This blond, leather jumpsuited mercenary is a skilled assassin and a weapons and explosive expert. She sells her savvy skills to the highest bidder and can be found wherever the action is. *****CONTENTS INFORMATION***** *INLUDES: ASSAULT WEAPONS & Accessories.. *1x) SPAS-12 guage shotgun with folding stock, shock absorber, and hook. *(1x) Desert Eagle .50AE *(1x) P7M13 High Capacity P7 Cal. 9mmx19 *(1x) Vz61-Scorpion *(2x) Vz61-Scorpion ammo clip *(1x) 2 piece belt/thigh gun holster strap for P7M13 *(1x) shade (silver) *(1x) CG display base *(1x) bio card with specs *(2x) *set(s) of hands (*a set of hands include both left and right hands) - 3 sets of hands total *****Special CG Issue***** *(1x) black beret *(1x) M.F.P. cap *(3x) SPAS-12 guage shotgun shells. *****Outfit Design***** *(1x) black leather body suit, low cut front, open back, single clip hook fastener on backside shoulder straps. *(1x) black leather choker *(1x) black leather belt with gold buckle *(1x) violet blue thin jacket with soft wool cuffs and waistline, shotgun shell pockets (capacity: 3 shells) on upper left arm sleeve, and the M.F.P. logo on upper front left of jacket. *(1x) shotgun shell pocket garter belt (capacity: 3 shells) *(2x) flat feet black leather boots. *Crime has been increasing like never before. In the meantime, people have started hearing rumors about the existence of an organization that came to crime / terrorism scenes -- especially those of serious "cyber terrorism" -- and did the "cleanup job" secretly. They supposedly are a special forces unit fully equipped with cutting edge technology, eradicating not only the criminals but the incidents themselves as if nothing happened. The very few witnesses claim that the members were females with gear carrying the label "CG." People have given these ladies the following name. "CY GIRLS"..."CG" actually stands for "Cardinal - Garrison" a mysterious military organization that combats global conspiracies and heinous crime. Although it is unclear whether the group is public or private, it is undeniable that the organization has infiltrated every government and every society on earth. Just how long the group has been around remains a mystery; there are reports of "CG" activity stretching as far back as World War II. *Girls with Attitudes. Ready or not here they come! CY GIRLS are Beautiful 12" Fully Articulated 1/6 scale collector quality action figures complete with authentically detailed accessories and die cast metal weapons. Girls like these will not be around for long, Collect all Eleven! Recommended Ages 14 and Up. Strike a pose! these Girls can be positioned in hundreds of realistic looking poses. CY Girls have been created with life like joints that bend and twist just like a real human skeleton. Produced By:Blue Box Toys Year: 2000 UPC: #21105-32361 location@office5-4-2008
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