PRINCESS BALA (ANTZ) Every Ant Has A Day! (1998)

PRINCESS BALA (ANTZ) Every Ant Has A Day! (1998)
PRINCESS BALA (ANTZ) Every Ant Has A Day! (1998) ***(She Can Stop Any Ant In His Tracks!)*** *Story Line: *Princess Bala was the Queen's only royal daughter. She was engaged to be married to General Mandible although she thought he was a militaristic stiff. She did not enjoy life as a member of royalty and often wanted to have fun with the workers. Her want of fun eventually got so bad that she risked going to a bar, which was off limits to palace ants. She danced with Z and enjoyed his free spirit, which actually incited a riot. *Z is a Central Park inhabitant and misfit worker who longs to be an individual in a society that is only interested in the good of the colony. Undaunted by the ant caste society, Z sets his sights on the beautiful Princess Bala, the spoiled daughter of the queen. Bala has no use for just an ordinary drone, and Z is clearly out of his league. But a remarkable twist of fate turns Z from a worker into an unlikely hero, and he soon finds himself leading a revolution to save the colony from Mandible’s evil scheme. Name: Princess Atta Series: ANTZ Subseries: Basic Figures Manufacturer: Playmates Manufacturer #: 11502 Year Released: 1998 Height: 6.00 inches Decade: 1990 Genres: Cartoons, Movies Actors: Sharon Stone Includes: Leaf Skirt & Princess Cape.. location@garage_hanging(2) 9-1-2014
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