Pokémon ("Roll & Play Stampers") Vintage Stampers "OPENED" '99

Pokémon (\"Roll & Play Stampers\") Vintage Stampers \"OPENED\" \'99
Pokémon ("Roll & Play Stampers") Vintage Stampers Set "OPENED" (1999)... Note!!! This Product is listed as ("OPENED") Meaning "SLIGHTLY USED" Without CHIPS, MARKS Or SCRATCHIES, "(No Product Damage)"... ***"All OUR PHOTOS ARE OF ACTUAL ITEMS"*** **"THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING IS INCLUDED"**.... ***PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION***... *"NO LONGER AVAILABLE..RETIRED BY HASBRO SERIES-1 (1999)"*... *Pokémon ("Roll & Play Stampers") Vintage Stampers Set*... *(History)*.. *Originally developed as a Nintendo Game Boy video game in 1995, Pokémon took on a life of its own in merchandising possibilities... *With books, movies, a television series, toys, trading cards, and games, there was no shortage of Pokemon items available... *The name Pokémon came from the shortened version of its original name, "Pocket Monsters"... *(A Boy and His Pikachu)*.. *The main character in the series is a boy named Ash Ketchum, who is on a quest to become the best Pokemon Master... *His first Pokémon, Pikachu, along with his friends Brock, Misty (and sometimes others), have many adventures together discovering different species of Pokémon... *Players catch and train Pokemon creatures and use them in competitions... *Each character has certain powers which the Pokémon trainer can use to battle other characters... *Of course, there is always a visit from the bad guys, Team Rocket (consisting of Meowth, Jessie and James), who try to steal Pikachu in a variety of unsuccessful ways... *Interestingly, Meowth is the only Pokemon character, aside from the humans, who can talk... *All of the other Pokémon only speak their name... *(Pokemon Types)*.. *Each Pokémon character is classified by type, and that, in turn, identifies their strength... *For instance, there are electric, fire, grass, ice, water, and other types... *As they build strength, the Pokemon evolve into other creatures and increase their strengths... *This accounts for why there are so many Pokémon in existence.... **SET CONTAINS**... *Roll & Play Stampers (Green) Carrying Case... *Pokémon Characters*... (1)PIKACHU #25... (1)POLIWHIRL #61... (1)CHANSEY #113... ***BASIC INFORMATION***... Category: Games... Developer: Nintendo... Publisher: Hasbro,Inc... Release Date: USA 1999... AGES: 4+... location@garage_boxed("Open Toys Pokémon_etc BOX")(1)09-30-2016...
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