Star Wars Exclusive (Early Bird 1st 4-figures)Rare/Vintage(2005)
[Mail-In Set]

Star Wars Exclusive (Early Bird 1st 4-figures)Rare/Vintage(2005)
Star Wars Exclusive Mail-In Offer Extended! (Early Bird first four figures) "Rare/Vintage" (2005)... **(This Star Wars Exclusive Mail-In Offer Extended! (Early Bird first four figures)-Including The Factory Sealed-Plastic Wrapped Bags Condition, Is Mint-NRFB)**... ***"All OUR PHOTOS ARE OF ACTUAL ITEMS"*** ***("THIS ITEM IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE FROM HASBRO/KENNER")***... *The Mailer "White Shipping Box" was opened for Content inspection-"Only"*... ***PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION***... **To celebrate the May 19th launch of the last Star Wars movie,-"Revenge of the Sith"... *Hasbro has created a replica of the 1977 Early Bird Kit with a certificate that offers updated versions of the first four original Star Wars action figures from 1977: (1x)-Luke Skywalker, (1x)-Princess Leia, (1x)-Chewbacca, and (1x)-R2-D2... *"EXCLUSIVE MAIL-IN OFFER EXTENDED!" - ONLY AVAILABLE (via) MAIL-IN ORDER (NEVER SOLD IN STORES)... *Extended Exclusive Early Bird Certificate Package (2005 Edition)... *Extended Offer Sticker Wal-Mart Exclusive... *In Plastic Pack-Reproduction of original 1977 packaging... *Includes offer for first four figures of the new line... *Limited to 50,000 total... **NOTE!!-The overstock that did not sell initially was put back on the shelves a couple of months later with "EXCLUSIVE MAIL-IN OFFER EXTENDED!" stickers**... *("Includes")*... *(1x)-**Star Wars Exclusive Mail-In Offer Extended! (Early Bird first four figures Set) Plus Certificate Package-(2005 Edition)**... *("SHIPMENT BOX CONTENTS")*... *All (4x) Action figures Including (1x) Pack of Display Base Holding "Pegs" are MINT in factory sealed bags and Packed in The Inner White Plastic Shipping Tray... *(4x)-Exclusive Early Bird first four Action Figures-(2005 Edition)... *(1x)-LUKE SKYWALKER (Bagged)-with a rare double-telescoping lightsaber which extends from his arm... *(1x)-PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA (Bagged)-with her special “star puffs” hairdo, and laser pistol... *(1x)-CHEWBACCA (Bagged)-with his special laser rifle and ammunition belt across his chest... *(1x)-R2-D2 (Bagged)-with rotatable head... *(1x)-Display Base (Wrapped)... *(1x)-Display Base Holding Pegs (Bagged)... ***BASIC INFORMATION***... Platform: Movie Action Figures... Category: Star Wars... Developer: Hasbro/Kenner... Trademark: Lucasfilm Ltd.... Ages: Ages 4+... Product #: 85868... Style: Star Wars Action Figures... Year: 2005... Container: Box... Release Date: 2005-USA... location@Blu-Shed_Boxed("#1 Small Gray Storage Tub")(1)06-08-2017...
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