The Borg-Member Of The BC-(w/Peg Tab-1st Contact-Purple) Rare'96

The Borg-Member Of The BC-(w/Peg Tab-1st Contact-Purple) Rare\'96
The Borg-Member Of The Borg Collective-"Variant Accessories"- (Star Trek "First Contact") "Rare/Vintage"(1996)... ...("The Carded Peg-Tab Is In-Tact")-("See Photo")... *(FROM THE NEW HIT MOTION PICTURE!)*... **("Variant Accessories"-Should Be-"Purple, & Orange")***... ***("The Borg are back! - Resistance is futile!")***... **(This Original Star Trek The Borg-Member Of The Borg Collective, Action Figure-Including The Carded-Packaging Condition, Is Mint-NRFC)**... ***"All OUR PHOTOS ARE OF ACTUAL ITEMS"*** ***("THIS ITEM IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE FROM PLAYMATES TOYS INC.")***... ***PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & INFORMATION***... **The Borg-Member Of The Borg Collective-(Star Trek "First Contact") 1996**... *The Most Lethal Threat To Humanity's Existence Has Returned With A New Starship And A New Strategy For Conquering Earth... *The Federation's Defenses Fail, And The Terran System Is About To Be Conquered... *Faced With Assimilation By The Borg, Starfleet Turns To Captain Jean-Luc Picard And His Crew From The New (U.S.S. Enterprise)... *They Stopped The Borg Invasion Once Before, But This Time Fate Is Against Them... *To Save Earth, They Must Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before... *("CARD INCLUDES")*... *(1x)-**The Borg-Member Of The Borg Collective (Star Trek "First Contact" Action Figure) 1996**... *("CARD EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS")*... *(1x)-Exclusive Movie Mini Poster... *("STARFLEET "VARIANT" ACCESSORIES INCLUDED")... *(1x)-Borg Scanner-"Purple"-("Alien Cybrog Detector And analytical Device")... *(1x)-Surgical Grafting Tool-"Variant Purple"-Should Be-"Orange-("Epidermal Transplant Device")... *(1x)-Bonus!-Starfleet Action Base-("The Borg Stands Ready To Invade Earth!")... ***BASIC INFORMATION***... Platform: ACTION FIGURE... Category: STAR TREK MOVIE FIGURE... Distributed By: Playmates Toys Inc... Trademark: Paramount Pictures/Paramount Toys.... Ages: Ages 4+... UPC CODE: 043377161080... Stock #: 16108 Style: Star Trek Movie Action Figure... Year: 1996... Container: Carded Packaging... Release Date: 1996-USA... location@Blu-Shed_Boxed("#1 Small Gray Storage Tub")(1)06-08-2017...
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  Sailor Moon (USA Release) "RARE" (8)
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  Selena (Limited Edition) "RARE" (1)
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  SHi-(18" Sculpture) "RARE" (1)
  Shrek (Collection) Rare/Vintage (5)
  Sin City (Collection) Vintage (11)
  Small Soldiers (Collection) Rare-> (10)
  SPEED RACER (TV Series) Vintage (1)
  Spice Girls (Collection) Vintage-> (24)
  Spiderman (Collection) Vintage-> (45)
  SPIDERMAN ULTIMATE 31" (2014) (1)
  Star Trek (Collection) Vintage-> (100)
    9" & 12" (Mixed Series) Vintage (4)
    Classic Movie (Series) Vintage (5)
    Combat (Series) Vintage (3)
    Deep Space Nine (Series) Rare (8)
    First Contact (Series) Rare (13)
    Generations (Series) Vintage (2)
    Insurrection (Series) Vintage (3)
    Next Generation (Series) Rare (13)
    Space Talk Series Rare/Vintage (2)
    Star Fleet Academy (Series)
    Star Trek (2009) Series (6)
    Star Trek (Exclusive Mail-In) (1)
    Star Trek (Series) Rare/Vintage (9)
    Transporters Edition Vintage
    USS Enterprise (Series) Vintage (1)
    Voyager (Series) Rare/Vintage (3)
    Warp (Series) Rare/Vintage (27)
  Star Wars (Collection) Vintage-> (776)
  STARTING LINEUP (Kenner)-> (233)
  Steel (The Movie) "Rare/Vintage" (3)
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